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Jim is a deeply digital, broadly experienced modern marketer who knows how to build and market great brands in today's highly complex marketing landscape. I love the web and the opportunities it is creating for people and businesses to actually make the world better. I've got an entrepreneurial mindset, the ability to see how the dots will connect in the future, but the knowledge and experience to put plans and teams in place to get results now.

Jim Cuene - Founder & CEO


Joe is a digital transformation leader helping organizations change their mindset, culture, talent and technology. From vision into strategy and delivery, I help organizations succeed in digital and build experiences their customers love. With deep expertise in digital product management leadership across multiple industries, I focus on leading with positivity and collaboration to drive real business results.

Joe Ruekert - Co-Founder


Susan has over 20 years of experience helping companies grow their marketing teams and have built a network of seasoned marketing and digital professionals across the country. She has helped many SMB and Fortune 500 companies build their marketing and digital teams allowing them to focus on their overall business strategies and goals.

Susan Rylance - VP of Growth, Executive Search