My Regular Reads


These are my regular reads, in no particular order


  • AVC - Some of the best quick takes on emerging tech and VC around

  • Techmeme - Tech news daily

  • Mediagazer - Media news daily; same format as Techmeme

  • AdExchanger - Exhaustive take on the programmatic advertising (and advertising in general)

  • - Dave Winer is an OG coder, blogger and tech enthusiast; Great takes on what’s going on in tech

  • TechCrunch - Of course.

  • - The best blogger ever; always relevant and interesting stuff on web culture and IRL culture

  • - Andy Baio’s site: Super curious coder artist nerd (in the best sense of the word).

  • Stratechery - Not-great name, but unbeatable analysis of the tech space. Well worth the $100 sub

  • Hacker News - Upvoted tech articles from the world of Ycombinator

  • Gorilla vs. Bear - Kind of hipsterish, but surfaces new and interesting music to check out.

  • NPR Music - They’ve become surprisingly good at covering a wide range of emerging and established artists.

  • KUOW - Trying to stay up to date on what’s happening in Seattle (where i’ve got kid in college)


  • Its Nice, That - Design and creativity

  • LeanLuxe - Regular observations on the changing nature of luxury

  • Coudal - Weird and random, but really good, links to interesting design articles

  • Digiday - The best coverage of brand building

  • Adage - Covering what’s left of the ad industry

  • The Drum - More on marketing and brandbuilding

  • Digital Trends - Good overview of non-mainstream digital biz

  • The Information - Subscription is worth it.

  • Horace Dediu - Brainy analysis of what’s happening out there

  • First Round Review - A surprisingly good publication from First Round Capital

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